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Joshua Pellicier – The Tao Of Bad Ass

Joshua Pellicier

Joshua Pellicier’s Tao Of Bad Ass is another system I had high hopes for, and in many respects it has lived up to my hopes. In other respects it falls short  of dethroning Mr. L. Rx and his Dating To Relating system as the #1 system for approaching and meeting women. However, we have a new #2 – as I believe the technology that Joshua presents is far superior to David Deangelo’s Double Your Dating system. And I now recommend the combination of Mr L. Rx’s Dating To Relating along with Joshua Pellicier’s The Tao Of Bad Ass as the “total package” a man should get to fully understand women.

Joshua’s system which is probably as well though out as Mr. L. Rx’s “Dating To Relating” and much more scientific in its approach than Deangelo’s “Cocky and Funny” philos0phy still falls short of being #1 because of 1) his complexity, which can out it beyond reach of the average man’s ability to use it and 2) it’s failure to take into account “personality” and the treatment of women as women” rather than different personalities requiring different approaches (which is still the strength of Mr. L. Rx’s philosophy), although because of the nature of Joshua’a approach it is much more applicable to different personality types than is the typical Guru’s philosophy such as David Deangelo’s

I will say, however, that the system and the approach did work for me and extends the workability of Mr. L. Rx’s approach situationally. In other words Joshua’s system is an excellent companion to Mr. L. Rx’s system and using Mr. L. Rx’s system as a “basic” understanding and then using Joshua’s system on top of that basic understanding is a killer one, two punch and replaces my former recommendation of Mr. L. Rx as basic and David Deangelo as the additional understanding.

So the next logical Question is “Is there any value and getting all three? Mr. L Rx, Joshua Pellicier, and David Deangelo. Well of course my answer would be, if you are like me, you would get everyone’s as everyone has some knowledge that is situationally correct. However, I believe if you are on a tight budget, Mr. L. Rx $39.95 book is the best and if you have the extra money spend the $67. for Joshua’s “Tao Of Bad Ass” and between those two you would have enough to significantly change your life with respect to women and the rest – including David Deangelo’s data – is not needed.

Now let’s take a look at Joshua’ system in a little more detail.

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass is an ebook that can be downloaded in a PDF format and it consists of 152 pages over 10 modules.

The lessons are meant to improve  a man’s confidence and seduction skills to reduce his  chances of being rejected by women. It will offer you lots of valuable advice on how to approach women, how to read their body language, how to understand what they say and how to create a strong emotional attraction. I believe this data alone is much superior to my former #2 favorite, Double Your Dating, by David Deangelo.

The Tao of Badass is also unique because like Mr. L. Rx’s “Dating To Relating” (which are different that most every other book out there) it also offers relationship advice. It offers advice, but not as extensively as Dating To Relating, on what to do once you get the girl.

Another good point about “The Tao of Badass” is that Joshua talks extensively about “pre selection” as the principle which dictates that women are more attracted to men who are seen to be attractive and wanted by lots of women. And this pre selection thing is very much at the heart of The Tao of Badass system. The system teaches you how to become ‘that guy’ who is wanted by lots of women. The Tao of Badass  helps guys build confidence who may lack it.

This is also one of the bad points that makes “The Tao of Badass ” #2 to Mr. L. Rx’s #1 “Dating To Relating“. The Tao of Badass assumes personality types and is trying to transform a guys personality into a “badass” that will attract women who are typically assumed to be a personality type that is the more or less “hard to get” type of girl. So the techniques here will work with a limited type of male personality and on a limited type of female personalities.

It also falls prey to what so many gurus fall prey to, which is when you teach a guy to be something he isn’t, he may eventually feel uncomfortable with what he is doing (and revert or quit the technique) and/or he will attract a type of woman that he is not really interested in since he is not being himself to begin with. Hence you get this type of technique working in the short term but failing in the long run and while it may work on 9 out of 10 approaches (as it did for me) to the same personality types, it only works on 1 out of 10 when you look at all the different personality types that different men may be interested in.

The multi-personality techniques that Mr. L. Rx’s materials teach  work on 8 or 9 out of 10 of a wide population of female personality types and let you be yourself rather than having to be some other “badass” guy in order to be successful. Mr. L. Rx, for example, has a “Shy guy” technique that will also work on 9 out of 10 women of a personality type that are not attracted to badass men but rather “shy” men.

But what is very cool about Tao of Badass  is that although Joshua uses his data in a non-personality-differentiated way, the data can be extrapolated into a more basic multi personality system like Mr. L. Rx’s, and used to enhance technique and success.

What I did find most useful and applicable when looking at it this way were Tao of Badass‘s  sections on Rapport, Seduction and reading body language and knowing when a woman is attracted to you. Rapport, is cool as it can be used with any personality type and can work hand in hand with Mr. L. Rx’s data and extend it very effectively.  Rapport is a crafty technique to establish common interest or chemistry within the first few seconds or minutes of an interaction with a girl. Joshua also gives some very interesting viewpoints on seduction although again his weakness is that he assumes one “personality” for all women and approaches it from that viewpoint. Still he gives a lot of useful information when taken into context of Mr. L. Rx’s more basic data can be applied across multiple personality types.

All in all I found Joshua’s system to be very useful to me when taken in context with a more basic, multi-personality system like Mr. L. Rx’s. So useful that Joshua’s system had now become my #2 recommendation dethroning David Deangelo’s Double Your Dating from that spot after about 8 years of being my #2 recommendation and hand in hand recommendation as a companion to Mr. L. Rx’s Dating To Relating.









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